Frequently Asked Questions

What can do for me? is being developed as a suite of simple applications that can benefit workplace environments to make them more productive and efficient. There are some industry-specific applications, and other generic applications that can benefit all business types. There are no mobile applications to download, just 1 simple web interface that can be used on any device. Applications currently online are:

  • Out of Office Tracker

    Allows the monitoring of staff movements from a single console - at any given time reception staff or team members can know where everyone is. As well as having a simple overview of staff details, including a phone directory, team members can check in / out and schedule days off in advance.

  • Real Estate Auctions Portal

How much does it cost? is completely free to use. There is no plan to charge for any of the services you use on this platform and there is no advertising either. There is no catch, no hidden agenda, no data sharing with 3rd parties and there is no trial period or expiry of any services. There is also no way to make donations to the upkeep of the platform. We only ask that you share this platform with others if you find the services useful.

Why is it free?

The simple answer is, why not? Software should be useful, practical, simple, secure and cost effective. We hope you enjoy the services available here and share them with your colleagues and business partners.

Can i request new services, find out about upcoming features or demand priority support?

There is no formal support on this site, as all services should be operating nominally at any given time, however requests for new services or enquiries about the operation of this service can be directed by email to

Can I advertise on

No. Advertising is not permitted on this site to keep the interface as clean and simple as possible.